A digital platform that explores the role that embodied performances play in the construction of memory and reconciliation and the development of digital archives in sites of conflict.



Lunes 9 Mayo 2022 - 3pm MEX | 4pm COL, Chicago | 6pm CHL, ARG

Alteración del ‘Status Quo’ Arte y Performance en Latinoamérica 2020s

Encuentro interdisciplinar entre artistas y académicas Latinoamericanas que profundiza en la comprensión de las manifestaciones artísticas y sociales que movilizan a la región hoy. Lideradas en su mayoría por mujeres y colectivas femeninas, estas manifestaciones evidencian las transformaciones sociales del siglo 21 y las múltiples formas de vida que se reclaman en Latinoamérica de tiempo […]


Oct 12 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Dance, Violence and Memory

A keynote conversation on dance and other embodied practices as a means to study violence, memory, and their intersections, particularly in sites of conflict. Further, this keynote will address how both researchers have utilised digital archives or tools. (English)


Dr. Melissa Blanco Borelli (Royal Holloway, University of London) Reader in Dance Theory and Performance
Victoria Fortuna (Reed College) Dance studies scholar and contemporary dance practitioner

Oct 16 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Embodied Methodologies to Care for Carers in Scenarios of Social Conflict and Peacebuilding

(English & Spanish) An engaging conversation about the theory and practice of “care for carers” and how to integrate the practice in the engagement with vulnerable populations, including groups of support like therapists, researchers, witnesses, among others. (English & Spanish)


Maria Estrada Fuentes (Royal Holloway, University of London) Lecturer in Drama and Theatre
Maria Andrea García Independent Dance Movement Therapist

Oct 30 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Digital Encounters and Archives to Disseminate Art Practices in Bojayá, Buenaventura, Guapi and Unguía, Colombia

The closing event will bring together researchers and arts practitioners from Choco and Pacifico Medio in Colombia to present their work through digital performances and encounters recorded as part of the Embodied Performances project. (Spanish)


Oct 23 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Performance, Memory and Conflict Worldwide

A curated conversation about practice-based research, taking up performance as a means of processing memories of conflict for both artists and researchers. Talks will address conflicts across the globe, including in Chile, Gaza Palestine, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. (English) Pre-Recorded Interventions In order to fully participate in the live event, please watch all of the pre-recorded interventions […]


Nela Milic (London College of Communication) Artist and senior lecturer
Maria Tivnan (NUI Galway) Artistic director and PhD researcher
Maja Milatovic-Ovadia (Royal School of Speech and Drama, University of London) Theatre director and PhD researcher
Charly Monreal (UK-Chile) Physical performer and theatre maker
R.M. Sánchez-Camus Creative practitioner and co-founder of Social Art Network

Oct 26 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Documenting Memory and Conflict in Latin America

A curated conversation about practice-based research mapping memories of Latin American communities from Nicaragua, Argentina to ‘Pueblito Paisa’ in Seven Sisters, London. The talk explores different media to record unheard voices like dance improvisation, community archives and political mobilisation. Pre-recorded interventions will be available on the website before the live talk; and a preview of […]


Paula Guzzanti (University of Malta) Dance lecturer
Martin Zicari (KU Leuven) PhD researcher
Alda Terracino (University College London) Artist and Honorary Research Associate
Muki Haklay (University College London) Professor Geographical Information Science

Oct 19 2020 - 5pm UK / 11am COL

Digital Methodologies for Analysing and Disseminating Research Alongside Communities: Ethics, Politics and Perspectives

Sarah, Maria and Manuela will explore the use of digital methods and tools to conduct and disseminate research alongside artists and communities. They will share their experience of community research with older people, digital poetry and victims of conflict to discuss how the digital is transforming research and artistic/community work, its challenges and potential. (English)


Sarah Quinton (Oxford Brookes University) Reader in Digital Society
Maria Mencia (Kingston University) Media artist/e-poet
Manuela Ochoa ( Concordia University) Artist and curator


Performance Embodiment and Digital Archive is curated and organised by Melissa Blanco-Borelli and Olga Lucía Sorzano. The collaboration started at the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at the Royal Holloway, University of London, as part of the research project ‘Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in Chocó and El Pacífico Medio, Colombia’ with Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), funded by the UK-AHRC and COL-Minciencias. The site and the launching conference 2020, ‘Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive; collaborative research in sites of conflict,’ were developed with the collaboration of Dr. Bryce Lease (former Head of Department at the RHUL) and Jonelle Walker, PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Maryland. Melissa and Olga Lucía continued the collaboration, extending Perbodigital as a platform of interdisciplinary works on memory, performance and digital archives in Latin America and across the globe.

Dr. Melissa Blanco Borelli

Associate Professor of Theatre and the new director of the dance program at Northwestern. Her research interests include Blackness in Latin America, critical dance studies, performance studies/performative writing, popular dance on screen, feminist (auto)ethnography, historiography, and the digital humanities. She was the Principal Investigator in a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded grant project (2018-2021) that focused on embodied performance practices, memory, and archives. Blanco Borelli and her co-researchers at the Universidad de Antioquia worked with Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities affected by the Colombian armed conflict and created a web-based digital archive that highlights their worldmaking creative practices. The archive can be found at and her collaborative research on performance, embodiment and the digital continues via

Dr. Olga Lucia Sorzano

Independent researcher working at the crossroads of digital humanities, cultural and decolonial studies; her work focuses on the analysis of (in)visible groups and artistic practices like circus and Afro-Indigenous cultures. She holds a PhD in Cultural Policy and Management from City, University of London and is currently adjunct researcher at the University College Dublin and co-researcher at Erasmus+ ‘Circus as Intercultural Encounter’. Olga Lucia worked with Dr. Melissa Blanco Borelli in the production of Corpografias, a digital archive that records Afro-Indigenous cultural practices in the Colombian Pacific. In 2021 she founded Artemotion, a space for thought and cultural production that aims to connect academia, artists and communities.