Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive, is a digital platform that explores the role that embodied performances play in the construction of memory and reconciliation and the development of digital archives in sites of conflict. It hosts live streamed talks, performances, pre-recorded panels, and Q&A sessions — in English and Spanish — with international researchers, artists and communities to discuss the place of the body, affect, performance and digital platforms in addressing histories of violence; including participants and case studies from around the world.

The platform was developed in October 2020 to host the conference ‘Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive. Collaborative Research in Sites of Conflict’ organised by the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Royal Holloway University London (RHUL). With due deference to the theme and limitations related to COVID-19, the conference was entirely digital and free of charge, following the Nearly Carbon Neutral (NCN) model; it brought together presentations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Gaza, México, Nicaragua and the United Kingdom. A previous conference was held in London in November 2019, that brought together international scholars to discuss arts-based initiatives focused on the construction of memory and the representation of unheard voices in museums, textiles, traditional dances, memory parks and more: November 2019 Programme.

October’s 2020 programme, focused on three main areas:

Communities, artists, performance practitioners and scholars working collaboratively in the construction and dissemination of memory and reconciliation.

The role of the body as central agent in processes of mourning, conflict, memory and reconciliation.

Digital methodologies for analysing and disseminating research alongside communities and the corresponding ethics and politics related to scholarly analysis.

These presentations are hosted on this website as a memoir of interdisciplinary works on memory, embodiment and performance. The site is also linked to Corpografías, a digital archive that records artistic practices of communities in Bojayá, Guapi, Buenaventura and Unguía, as part of the ‘Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in the Colombian Pacific’. The site links both research outputs while aims to strengthen the work and connections we are building in Colombia, the UK and internationally.

In 2022 we continue the discussion on the intersections between digital archives, performance and memory, focusing the attention on contemporary protests and artistic mobilisations in Latin America. An interdisciplinary dialogue between artists and academics from the region. The 2020-2022’s programme and future events are presented here as Programme 2020s, referring to a decade of interdependent events, instead of a list of year and past events to be soon forgotten.