Corpografias is a digital archive that documents embodied practices by Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities in 4 municipalities in the Colombian Pacific: Guapi, Unguía, Bojayá and Buenaventura. The archive is part of the AHRC/Colciencias funded research project ‘Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in Chocó and El Pacífico Medio, Colombia’ by Universidad de Antioquia and the Royal Holloway, University of London.

The purpose is to document artistic practices, creative processes, people, places and objects that will provide artists, communities, scholars and the public in general an opportunity to reflect on the role of the body and the arts in processes of memory, conflict and peace. Corpografias highlights the cultural traditions and ways of sensing the world of these communities as interconnected practices of memory and re-existence; as ways of inhabiting the world and coping with histories of violence. These cultural practices vindicate them as living beings, allow them to process the unintelligible and to form a safe space to express themselves and create together.