Embodied Methodologies to Care for Carers in Scenarios of Social Conflict and Peacebuilding

(English & Spanish) An engaging conversation about the theory and practice of “care for carers” and how to integrate the practice in the engagement with vulnerable populations, including groups of support like therapists, researchers, witnesses, among others. (English & Spanish)

Maria Estrada Fuentes

Lecturer in Drama and Theatre

Maria Andrea García

Independent Dance Movement Therapist

Documenting Memory and Conflict in Latin America

A curated conversation about practice-based research mapping memories of Latin American communities from Nicaragua, Argentina to ‘Pueblito Paisa’ in Seven Sisters, London. The talk explores different media to record unheard voices like dance improvisation, community archives and political mobilisation.

Pre-recorded interventions will be available on the website before the live talk; and a preview of the screen-dance documentary ‘El Cuerpo Partido’ (UK-Costa Rica; 2020) by Paula Guzzanti. (English)

Pre-Recorded Interventions

In order to fully participate in the live event, please watch all of the pre-recorded interventions prior to October 26.

Martin Zicari
PhD researcher (KU Leuven)

Dr. Alda Terracciano
Artist and Honorary Research Fellow (University College London)

Dr. Muki Haklay
Professor of GIScience (University College London)

Paula Guzzanti

Dance lecturer

Martin Zicari

PhD researcher

Alda Terracino

Artist and Honorary Research Associate

Muki Haklay

Professor Geographical Information Science